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Positive Life Radio continues to lend much-appreciated assistance to the efforts to bring drinkable and healthy fresh clean water to the villages in Guatamala. Thanks KEEH 104.9!

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Container with PET Machines

By Tim Rasmussen

The container with the PET machines inside made it through customs in record time. It took two days of work by Berny to secure the documents allowing the container to be loaded on a truck and moved out of the port. We had sent this container to Puerto Barrios on the Caribbean side of Guatemala. This is the main port and the importation process is more organized and efficient than on the Pacific ports.

The container was taken to Poptun and unloaded at the school for handicapped children, which would serve as the distribution point. In co-ordination with the local ministry of health, the word had circulated widely and 120 people had been identified as qualified to receive one. The machines were assembled over the next two weeks and arraignments made for (more…)

Water for Life has a new PET

By Tim Rasmussen

Water for Life has a new PET. Not the kind you take home to your
family, but the kind you give away to someone who needs it. It does
not require food or water or a warm place to stay and very little
maintenance. PET stands for Personal Energy Transportation. This is
a device that carries folks who have no legs or no use of their legs.
They are free to those who need them, if they can get them. That is
where Water for Life comes in. We will help those folks get a PET.
Let me tell you about a PET.

Several years ago I was in Poptun and I watched as a woman made her
way down the street. She moved by holding herself off the ground with
her hands and swinging her torso between her two arms and then
repeating. Her legs were underneath her, but she wore something that
kept them folded because they were quite useless. Her hands were in
the filth of the street. I watched her as she lifted herself up onto
the first step of the collective bus and made her way toward a seat.
She was not able to lift herself up to get onto the seat, but stayed
on the floor of the bus. This was her life, in the dirt and filth. A
PET will change it.

The PET is a three wheeled, hand powered, part wheel-chair, part cart
that is steered and powered by the front wheel. Volunteers in several
places across the USA have built thousands of these machines. They
are shipped to third world countries where they are distributed free
to people who need them; people who live their lives in the dirt
because both of their legs do not work. These devices get them out of
the dirt and give them a chance to live lives of dignity and
productivity. See the PET website: www.petinternational.org

On Friday, June 24, Gary and I were present when 142 PET machines were
loaded into a container in Colbert, Washington to begin the long
container journey to Guatemala. Water for Life is assisting in the
shipping and importation and distribution of these life-changing
machines. Water for Life by working with the local ministry of health
officials have located 102 people in the area who have no use of both
legs and who therefore qualify to receive a PET machine. Water for
Life is helping them get the machines to lift them out of the dirt and
thereby changing their lives.

Water for Life is in the life-changing business. We change the lives
of the people who receive the gift of clean water and we change the
lives of the volunteers who come and help. We want to do more. For
sometime we have thought that if we had a small air rotary drill, we
could do much more than is possible with our old cable tools. A
recent donor gave us a donation to get this idea off the ground and we
are hoping to find someone who will help make this possible. If you
have the idea you might help us in this endeavor, please contact Gary