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Shine 104.9 Radio continues to lend much-appreciated assistance to the efforts to bring drinkable and healthy fresh clean water to the villages in Guatamala. Thanks Shine 104.9 - KEEH!

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The 2014 season began with Pat & Marilee Clark arriving late Dec., 2013 and Gary & Angie Bartholomew arriving Jan 1, 2014. They began by cleaning apartments and servicing equipment. As usual, many vehicle batteries were replaced, tires were inflated to proper pressure, all engines (16) were serviced and started and apartments were readied.
In addition to the Clarks and Bartholomews, there were 23 other volunteers this season: Bob Perry, Trent Caster, Oliver Edwards, Diana Anderson, Bucky Mowry, Speedy Gonzales, Dave Rutledge, Dave & Adrianne Morrill, Brenna Rittenour, Greg & Wendy Pomponi, Steve Barickman, Ken & Ruth Trefs, Jon & Chris Hansen, Jacob & Emily Hansen, Craig Gresham, Lisa Dernbach, Dominic Parmentier, and Bob Cole.
17 wells were drilled at the following sites: Las Lajas, Machaquila (West), Machaquila (South), Santa Elena school, San Pedro, Raxruha, Las Cruces (North), Las Cruces (South), Santa Isabel, Pioneres de la paz, Las Canas, AHICAM orphanage, Secoyob, Tikajal, Vista Hermosa, Dolores infant nutrition center, Ixyuc (East) and a well re-habilitation at Santa Isabel. The deepest well was 541’ and the shallowest well was 65’ with the average being 150’.
Some wells of special interest:
The Las Lajas well was for a campground for the N. Guatemala Mission of Seventh-day Adventists. The Mission began site preparation in Dec., 2013 and the week-end of Mar. 14-16 marked the first convocation with 800+ people in attendance. A large building (90’ x 125’) is constructed and many bathrooms & showers are in place attached to the building and on the surrounding acreage. WFL installed a solar pump on the property, as electricity will be installed to the site later. WFL also supervised installation of several thousand feet of 4” water and sewer pipe that the mission had purchased and 2” sewer effluent line that will serve the eventual office of WFL. Many kilometers of new road were necessary and the well that WFL drilled in Machaquila (South) was in trade for new road. The Machaquila (South) well, done in trade for the road, will serve the road building contractor and many residences in the surrounding area. A soccer field and swimming area are ready for use at the camp. During the Mar. 14-16 meetings there were 2 plaques given in special recognition of significant donors; one to the Guatemala Union of Seventh-day Adventists and one to WFL.
The Santa Elena school well was to be fitted with a hand pump for the 400 students. 50+ gpm was encountered and WFL successfully encouraged the municipality to also provide water to the surrounding community where trucks presently deliver water on a restricted basis. WFL supplied and installed a 5 h.p. pump and the municipality is moving ahead with reservoir and piping.
The Raxruha well, 3 ½ hours away, provided water where an attempt had been made to hand dig a well. At 14 meters the 2 men digging the well died. Awareness of this need was brought to WFL by Dave Rutledge’s wife, Dee last year when she visited with a physician in the Arlington, WA area who has been going to Raxruha for 10 years with the ministry Hands of Hope. When we attended the dedication of the well we flew to Frey Bartolome, a 20 minute flight in Speedy’s airplane, where the pastor met us and took us the remaining 30 minutes in his pickup.
The well at Pioneres de le paz is in the jurisdiction of the Poptun mayor. He has not kept his word regarding past work we have done for him; however, we drilled this in hope of rebuilding our relationship. This little group of villagers is very happy we brought a safe water supply to them.
The AHICAM orphanage well was urged upon WFL by our volunteer drillers who saw a critical need and wanted to help. The drillers said “we’ll work at night if necessary to provide water there”. The project brought a lot of synergy and camaraderie among our group and others in the neighborhood. There are 42 orphans in a very small but clean building. One striking example I observed was an 11 year old girl (a victim of incest) nursing her newborn baby. A nearby restaurant offered to feed our drillers 3 meals/day while working there. Our volunteers donated funds for additional supplies at the orphanage and paid tuition owing at a private school for a girl that wants to proceed in her education beyond primary school. Now there’s plenty of clean, safe water, a greatly improved situation, and the water barrels won’t be empty before neighbors get around to delivering water.
When initially visiting the site at Tikajal, the municipality employee said they wanted the well by the “laundromat” at the edge of the street. When I looked overhead I saw there was no way to drill there with the power lines above. I asked if we could park perpendicular in the street and drill off the edge of the shoulder. He excitedly said “no problem” and we set up there, blocking the main concrete street for a few days while drilling the much-needed well.
Some wells we drilled this year will replace or augment large municipal wells that were not constructed or developed properly upon installation. WFL has witnessed a dearth of technical expertise in the industry (that’s what prodded us to begin in 2005). A large municipal well costs approximately Q700,000.00 and may never deliver any water. The San Luis mayor is VERY happy for our partnership and generously provided us, thanks to Berny’s hard work, 340’ of 8” steel casing, 640’ of 6” steel casing, 1,400’ of 4” pvc liner, and diesel fuel, all of which amounts to approximately $15,000.00.
El Pato, a village where we drilled several years ago has some unique challenges for the hand pump system. We refurbished the hand pump system and also installed a SunPump solar pump in the well. It will give us a good test site for the SunPump, a different type of solar pump than we’ve used previously.
Emily Hansen gathered bits of information from past years and made files for each of the approximately 60 wells we have drilled. In the early years we had no shop, no file box, and simply kept supplies and equipment under a tarp. She and Jacob will likely return next year; if not, she’s willing to keep building the file each year with new well and pump information.
The last week of February WFL provided tooth extractions in neighboring villages. Many villagers have broken or abscessed teeth that are painful and they’re happy for the opportunity to have them pulled. This was Steve’s second time helping and he indicates he’ll come again. Wendy Pomponi assisted in the dental work. The last day of dental work brought a little 3 year old boy to us that was tongue-tied. The dentist was able to clip the tissue holding his tongue which enables him to speak clearly. He stuck out his tongue for the first time that day. The Lord doubled our dental work by providing a second dentist, Ken, who happened to be visiting Los Pinos where he and his wife were doing various painting projects. Ken asked, is there room for another dentist? I assured his there was and that we had 2 portable dental chairs.
Our Winter evangelistic efforts were smaller this year but very effective, due mostly to the pre-meeting Bible work done in the area by 2 Bible workers. Adrianne presented the meetings each evening for one week after Brenna provided an ASI health presentation and special music on her violin. 13 precious souls took their stand in baptism and others will follow when they complete more Bible studies.
With the many wells drilled this year we now have a critical need for more Bible workers, evangelistic efforts and more church buildings! We drilled a well in Tanhoc several years ago and now there’s a large Catholic church being built on the hill; the same situation is in Santa Crux. We’ve done no evangelistic work in either of those villages.
Thanking God for a safe and productive year!

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