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Shine 104.9 Radio continues to lend much-appreciated assistance to the efforts to bring drinkable and healthy fresh clean water to the villages in Guatamala. Thanks Shine 104.9 - KEEH!

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Update 10-2009

Over the past three months, several new volunteers have expressed an interest in helping us with our efforts in Guatemala. Some have donated equipment or provided financial assistance, and some have stated they intend to go and help directly. They have responded from all across the United States and even from England. They join the other men and women who have helped us in the past and are presently making our efforts possible. Most have heard about us through this publication. If you are interested in learning about the work we are doing, please visit our website at www. h2oforlife.org.

In September, Ryan Dalby, of South Carolina, called to ask if he could donate something again this year. Last year, he donated a 6″ button bit through a local Spokane distributor. We put him in contact with the local supplier (Paul Querna, PQ Products) and expect to hear from them soon with the donation.

Frank Franzel of Mayville, Michigan called us. He is just retired and grew up working on cable rigs. He wants to go to Guatemala and help drill wells. We welcome him.

Paul Plants, of Pennsylvania, is another cable driller who is interested in going to Central America. Presently, he is helping Steve Marstaller of Maryland to get appropriate tools for container shipment to El Salvador. Steve will get the rig there up and working.

Bob Peters Pump & Drilling of New Jersey has offered to donate cable tools (stem, jars, 6″bit, 8″bit, tool wrenches, 5/8″ cable, 3/4″ cable, etc.) to the project. We are trying to have the tools shipped to Maryland and go into the container as well.

Mac from Thompson Engineering, Mobile Alabama, has a small mud rotary the company will donate. Although we have used only cable drills so far, the donation will be useful.

8-11-09 Steve Walters, of Houston, is an experienced driller who has gone to Central America. He knows many drillers and suppliers in Central America. He indicated he might be able to help to coordinate efforts of drillers and suppliers.

Jason York, of Bristol, U.K. has expressed an interest in going to Guatemala.

Once again, Bob Perry of Spanish Fork, Utah, will be with us in Guatemala. He intends to begin the first well in January, drilling in a village near the orphanage in Poptun.

Bucky Mowery and Speedy Gonzales will again join us drilling. They will head to El Salvador to work with the rig that Steve Marstaller has resurrected and refurbished.

Please join them in helping bring clean water to the people of Central America. We cannot pay you, they cannot pay you, but your life will be enriched by what you do.

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