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Shine 104.9 Radio continues to lend much-appreciated assistance to the efforts to bring drinkable and healthy fresh clean water to the villages in Guatamala. Thanks Shine 104.9 - KEEH!

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The Pied Pipers Of Sabonetta

Sabonetta is a small village about 8 kilometers from the Los Pinos campus and is the location of the first well that was drilled during this season in Guatemala. It is not known how many people live there and the town structure is loose. There is no village square or an area that could be identified as the center, but there is a loose gathering of houses, if they can be called that, at the intersection of two or three roads. Houses in this area are merely what we would call a shack. If a person can find a few sheets of plywood or some boards and some pieces of corrugated roofing he has the makings of a house. There are no sanitation facilities and the families live with the dogs and maybe a goat or two. The whole area is one of filth and poor conditions. Into this area came our trusted 1946 well drill to bring the blessing of clean water to these poor people.

The drilling was begun by Bob Perry of Spanish Fork, Utah and his mechanic Ernie Parkins. They are volunteers who decided to come and lend a hand to the project. Bob has been in some aspect of the well drilling business for years and has traveled to other countries in the world to assist with other projects. He is an experienced driller.

Some days after the drilling was started, when he and Ernie took a break to get the water drum refilled, they pulled up to a little store to get a soda. He noticed there was a man with a cooler on his bike who was selling ice cream bars. As Bob and Ernie bought an ice cream, they were joined by about 10 village children who looked with eager eyes at the treats. Bob motioned the man to give each of the children a cone. Bob said it was like a signal to every child in the village. They came from nowhere and seemed to materialize like magic. Before it was done, they had purchased 113 ice cream treats for the children! It was a magical moment. They were surrounded by a throng of smiling happy children like the pied piper. Although they didn’t speak Spanish, the language of love needs no translator.

Bob says that this trip was one of the best experiences he has had in his life and he intends to come back again.

If you would like to help us, please contact Gary or Lynn Bartholomew.

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