Water for Life thanks KEEH-Shine 104.9fm listeners for helping us dig wells!

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Shine 104.9 Radio continues to lend much-appreciated assistance to the efforts to bring drinkable and healthy fresh clean water to the villages in Guatamala. Thanks Shine 104.9 - KEEH!

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Many thanks to our partners, of which this is an incomplete list:

United Pipe & Supply
Hope for Humanity
Mitchell Lewis & Staver Co.
Baker Manufacturing
Mt. Baker Silo
Shine 104.9fm – KEEH
Upper Columbia Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists
Pacific Northwest Sales
R. Stadeli and Sons of Silverton, Oregon
International Childrens Care
Adventist-Laymen’s Services and Industries

Do you want to help someone? Do you want to make a difference in the life of a child? Help us bring the blessing of pure water to people of Guatemala. You can be used by God to bless these lovely people.

Guatemala Well Project is an endeavor of volunteers working to provide clean water to the people in rural Guatemala. The project began as an effort to solve a contaminated water problem at an orphanage and secondary school operated by International Children’s Care of Vancouver Washington. The ICC facilities consist of Los Pinos, the orphanage campus housing 150 plus children in 10 homes and ICAP the secondary school campus with 400 students. The river water upon which the institutions had depended for many years became polluted and during times of low river levels the water was dangerous to drink. One child nearly died from amoeba infection. As protection from this danger the schools purchased bottled water in great quantities but every tap was a potential source of serious illness. It is hard to care for children and run a school under such circumstances.

To see and know that you have made a difference in the life of someone, to see the joy and wonder on the faces of the people as they realize that here is water pouring from the ground that they can drink without danger of illness, to see and know that the money and the time you give really does change a life.