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Not Enough was Too Much

Last February when I was in Guatemala for the drilling season, I spent a couple of days with Lynn and Gary Bartholomew on the drilling site in Sabonetta. I mainly sat in the shade with a couple of children for company and watched the drilling process. I am handicapped due to childhood polio, so I am not much use around the machinery but I like to watch and take pictures and visit with the villagers as much as my poor Spanish will allow.

The remainder of the time we were there, my wife Annette and I spent time at the place I like the best; the orphanage campus of Los Pinos. We are the adopted parents of several children. I think the count is now 8 or 9 depending on how you count, but we love to visit with them and try to let them know how much we love them. There is a common language that children and adults who love them share. It needs no translator.

While we were there, we decided that a fun thing to do would be to have a big picnic for all the children and the staff. To accomplish this, Henry and I went to Poptun on Sunday morning and bought what we thought were sufficient treats for all. We knew there were 136 children, so we bought 12 dozen cans of juice, 12 dozen bags of corn chips, the same of lollipops, bon-bons and bags of marshmallows and candy hearts. A real load of junk food, probably not all that healthy, but a real treat for children who never get such things.

As we got set up for the distribution of the treats, a teacher asked “what about the staff member’s children?” I inquired as to the number and we quickly realized we were about 20 short of everything if every one was to get some. What a problem! Someone was going to go without. We talked for a moment and what was clear that if some were going to go without, it should not be the orphans. I felt bad, but there was nothing to do about it. We had no choice but to just go ahead; orphans first, then other children, then staff.

We had all the children line up and started to give out the snacks. One by one the children all came and got their treasures of junk food. Then we called the faculty children and then we called the staff. When every one had come through, I asked Henry how things were doing. He said we had four left of each! I asked who was missing and he looked around and said “No one!”

There is a saying. “Too much is always enough.” In this situation not enough was too much. I do not know what happened, but God does.

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