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Shine 104.9 Radio continues to lend much-appreciated assistance to the efforts to bring drinkable and healthy fresh clean water to the villages in Guatamala. Thanks Shine 104.9 - KEEH!

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Needs – Rotary Drill

One of the challenges Water for Life faces is the dwindling number of cable tool drillers. There are a limited number of men with experience in this technology and very few ways for interested persons to get experience in the technology. Probably this is because cable tool drilling is a technology that has been overtaken and passed by modern hydraulic and digital technology.

We utilize cable tool drills because we can fix things that break and wear out with a welder and basic tools, and for the more obvious reason is that is all we have. We now have three 22-W drilling rigs in service in Guatemala. These rigs have been upgraded to diesel power, so they are not very expensive to run and diesel fuel is more available than gasoline. We have a fuel trailer we can fill and take to the field if necessary to refuel a drilling rig once it is set up.

Water for Life has a loyal cadre of men who have experience in cable drilling and who are willing to donate some time to come and help the villagers in our area. Water for Life would not exist without them. Sometimes a driller or other volunteer comes and for one reason or other does does not fit in with what is going on and they do not come back, but generally, if someone is willing to come and try it, they like it. We give drillers room and board and tools and a village to work in. They do the rest.

One of the ways of solving the problem would be to step up to rotary drilling. WFL wants to upgrade to a rotary drill. There are villages that are too far away for us to logistically handle supporting the rig for the two to three weeks it takes for a cable tool to drill to the necessary depth. With a small rotary drill, we could go to a remote area and within two or three days have the hole in the ground. That is what we would like to do if we could.

WFL has 90 wells in operation at this time. We add about 12 new wells per year. We would like to find someone who is willing to help us obtain or make a medium trailer-mounted air rotary drill. We do not have the funds to do it now, but we are hoping someone will help us make this quantum leap forward in our ability to provide more water to the folks in these rural villages. If the Good Lord has placed it in your heart to help people, we have a good way you can do it. Come and join WFL in this good work. If you cannot come yourself, please help us by donating money or equipment.

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