Water for Life thanks KEEH-Shine 104.9fm listeners for helping us dig wells!

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Shine 104.9 Radio continues to lend much-appreciated assistance to the efforts to bring drinkable and healthy fresh clean water to the villages in Guatamala. Thanks Shine 104.9 - KEEH!

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Loading Container for 2015

This year we decided to send the container earlier because Gary was going to Guatemala in November to attend the graduation of his sponsored child at the orphanage. We tried to time it so Gary would be there when the container came into the country. There are usually problems at customs in one form or another and while we never send an American in to the customs office, it is good for one of us to be available to facilitate communications with the shipping company when a problem comes to the surface.

Loading Container 2015This year is special because of the all terrain forklift that we obtained and are shipping in the container. We have a small forklift in our shop, but it is no good outside. We needed something that can lift a length of well casing and put it on the roof rack of our pickups. This older CASE model will be just the ticket. CASE machines are common in Guatemala and parts will be no problem.

We also loaded a huge amount of hospital equipment donated to us by Deaconess hospital in Spokane. We shipped two x-ray machines, monitors, anesthesia machines, and 40 cases of linens, operating room lights, and tons of other things. The folks at the Ministry of Health and in the Government Hospital will be very happy. The hospital previously did not have an x-ray machine. These donations will improve the level of health care in
We now have 3 drilling rigs to support with pipe, pumps and tools. There are 67 wells we must keep serviced and producing. We believe that nearly 25,000 people are drinking the water from the wells Water for Life has drilled. The health of the people in the villages where there is clean water is noticeably better according to the Public Health workers. Child mortality is down in the area as a direct result of the clean water that is now available.

There is much more to do. There are nearly 200 villages in the 40 miles surrounding Poptun. Most of these villages do not have grid power and except for the wells we have drilled, they have no access to uncontaminated water. The work of Water for Life is front line work in the war against disease and death among the villagers in Guatemala.

We need your help. We have another container full of medical equipment and tools that we would like to send to Guatemala this year. The cost of the shipment is about $6500 from our shop in Spokane to our shop in Guatemala. That will get 40,000 lbs and tens of thousands of dollars worth of medical equipment to folks who can use it and need it. Thank you.

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