Water for Life thanks KEEH-Shine 104.9fm listeners for helping us dig wells!

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Shine 104.9 Radio continues to lend much-appreciated assistance to the efforts to bring drinkable and healthy fresh clean water to the villages in Guatamala. Thanks Shine 104.9 - KEEH!

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Fueling our Efforts

The shipping container arrived safely and with the help of students from ICAP school, we were able to get it unloaded in about 2 and one half hours. Nothing was lost or damaged in the shipping process. We were pleased to have the supplies and equipment safely in our shop.

One of the things we shipped was a fuel trailer. A donor had given us a 400 gallon trailer for our diesel fuel. Gary had worked on it in Spokane to get it ready for use. We wanted it so we could refuel our trucks without the hassle of transferring fuel in five gallon cans and making multiple stops at the station with the trucks.

We decided to take the fuel trailer to Poptun and get 200 gallons of fuel and see how it worked. We should have thought harder on it before we filled it half full of fuel worth about $1000 dollars.

We brought it back and started the transfer pump to see if everything was ok. It was not. The filter immediately clogged with debris and what fuel came out was dirty brown. Thus began several days of work. We dared not put fuel from it into any vehicle until we were certain it was clean and would not ruin an engine or render any engine unusable.

We discovered if we let the fuel tank sit overnight the debris would settle to the bottom. We began to run the fuel through layers of cloth over and over till it cleared. Then we would tip the tank, the fuel would become cloudy and more debris would come out. This went on for several days. Finally the fuel would stay clear and green and the delivered fuel would pass through the 10 micron filter without clogging. We began to have confidence that it would not ruin an engine. Carefully we began to use it and had no further problems.

We decided that probably there was a lot of rust high in the tank which we could not see because of the baffles which were built into the insides of the tank. We might have been better off to only put 20 gallons in and bounce it all around to wash the insides of the tank free of rust and then wash it out before putting 200 gallons in. It is so much easier to see what one should have done after you have done something you should not have done. Anyhow we got past it and the fuel trailer can be used the way we wanted.

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