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Shine 104.9 Radio continues to lend much-appreciated assistance to the efforts to bring drinkable and healthy fresh clean water to the villages in Guatamala. Thanks Shine 104.9 - KEEH!

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El Pato

El Pato is one of the villages where H2O has been invited to give the vital and precious good liquid for that makes a healthy life.
It is located some 470 km from the Guatemala City. To get there it will take you some 11 hrs by road. In the village, most of the people speak only the Mayan quiche language. In dry season, many of the people will normally walk 1.5 hr. to bring some water to their home to use.
After some volunteers from H2O arrived with trucks and drilling system, they began to have a much better life. For them the white men brought joy and less work to have nice clean water to drink and use.
This year the villagers where still happier instead of having one pump they had 2 pumps. Thanks to some good kind hearted persons, we were able to give them a solar pump too.
But they did not now that the dry season this year was going to be harder. The demand for water was more and the first hand pump broke. So the call to H2o went out and we came to help. From the base where the equipment is to the El Pato village is almost 3 hrs driving in and another 3 hrs again to get out back. The road is terrible. Big holes and ruff rocks. Everything was going well until we came to a place where the truck stuck into a mud hole in the rode and underneath was a big rock hidden. After several attempts to make it go through, finally we made it. We checked that everything was ok and so it was.
After that we drove 1 hr. more and finally they were waiting for us, so we got to work and were there for more than 5 hrs. working to get the equipment all working well. So the pumps all started to work fine got something to drink the sun was about 42 degree Celsius and we need good amount of water for drinking. Everyone was so happy and we started back home after 4:30pm.

We got back to the main about 7:30pm, stop for about 45 min had some food. When we check the truck there was a stream of water running out from it. We tried to stop it with many things and got to the shop. Again it started to pour out water again like a river and shortly not a drop of water was in the radiator. The crack was so big that it would not keep a drum of water for 10 minutes, but we thank our loving God that he made it possible so we and the equipment can reach home safely. Every day he makes a different miracle so we can keep on serving and make someone else happier.
This was written by Berny Leonardo. He is the only employee of Water for Life. He works for us in Guatemala and is now very busy maintaining and keeping the pumps and wells operating. We now have wells and pumps in over 60 villages and we serve more than 20,000 people with the clean water that we have been able to supply with the kind help of our volunteers. Please continue to help us. We need your continued help and support.

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