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Shine 104.9 Radio continues to lend much-appreciated assistance to the efforts to bring drinkable and healthy fresh clean water to the villages in Guatamala. Thanks Shine 104.9 - KEEH!

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Drilling in Guatemala

The first note was written by Jon Hansen.  He is from Washington and is one of our volunteer drillers. He is winding up the season’s work in Guatemala and wrote this to let Gary know about the progress of a well in the village of San Francisco.  He was working with his son and helper Jacob Hansen.

“Had a rugged day today. Went to open the hole up to 8 inches to case the hole with 6 inch steel. Had clutch problems, but got them cleaned up and got the clutch adjusted okay. Then the main line divider broke and the line on the storage side fell on top and locked the cable underneath, keeping it from unspooling. The picture shows the bottom break.  I had to cut out some pieces of the divider to free the line. So before being used again, the line will have to be pulled off and the divider replaced. Then the tools got stuck in the hole wedged above the jars. When I got them out I called it a day.

Hopefully tomorrow I will set some 6 inch casing and get some 4 inch PVC set. There is 11 ft of water from 104 to 115 ft. I bailed for and hour and came up with about 11 ft. Of water each time. Figure 13 g.p.m. But it will probably do more as long as the static holds.


And another note from Dominic Parmantier.  He too is from the Seattle area and has been with us for several years. He was working with Bob Cole.

“Before leaving, Bob & I took a run out to El Achilito and El Pato to look at the wells.

El Achilito – Pump produces no water. It feels like a bad check valve or possibly pump body. There was enough resistance that I don’t think it was a broken coupler or rod.  They indicated that it has been out for about a month.

El Pato – Hand pump operational. The solar pump was not working, and they indicated it has been out for 4 months. We reset the switches to clear the low water error so that the power in and power out lights on the control panel were lit and none of the error lights were lit, but it did not pump water.

I could not find any spare pump/check valve parts in the shop or the south container.  If there is a way of sending down something before December to get them up and going, I would be interested in pushing that solution along.



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