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Shine 104.9 Radio continues to lend much-appreciated assistance to the efforts to bring drinkable and healthy fresh clean water to the villages in Guatamala. Thanks Shine 104.9 - KEEH!

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Brake Repairs

As I write this in November, Water for Life is getting ready to ship another container to Guatemala, filled with supplies, material and equipment. We have been gathering it all year, but in these last few weeks the pace is quicker. Gary has made numerous trips around Washington to gather donated items and his shop is loaded with pallets of items. We have crated and palletized everything to make the work of loading and unloading easier.

This year we again have a lot of things to ship to the Ministry of Health to be used in the Government Hospital and in local Public Health programs. Many items have been donated by ALSCO, a major supplier of hospital linens, bedding and hospital supplies. They generously provide us with many boxes of used but clean and useful items that we pass on to the health officials in Peten. They are very happy to receive the supplies.

Gary recently made a trip to southern Utah to pick up a truck that was donated by one of our steady volunteers, Bob Perry of Spanish Fork. This is an older diesel truck, a 78 Chevy, but is in good condition and has many miles and years of service left in it. It will be very useful to us to transport people and items back and forth to a drilling site.

Gary made the 1000-mile trip back at a steady 55 miles per hour. The old truck seemed to like that speed and the miles and hours passed by till he was safe at home. The brake pedal seemed a little soft, but there was no trouble on the trip and Gary was relieved to pull into the yard at home. In spite of the lack of problems on the trip, we decided to take it to a shop here in Spokane to have everything checked and make sure it had been thoroughly serviced before shipping it to Guatemala. It is much easier to fix things here than it is in Guatemala because of the availability of parts.

When Gary pulled out of the yard to take it to the shop, the brakes failed almost immediately. He was able to get it to the shop, and the mechanic determined that a rear brake cylinder was not holding any fluid. The mechanic fixed that cylinder and when he tested the brakes, the other rear cylinder blew out. He fixed that and we decided to rebuild the whole system.

As the mechanic rebuilt the system, he could not understand how Gary had made the 1000 miles back home without a complete failure along the way. He did not understand, but we did. The Good Lord had his hand on it. He knows this old truck has work to do; helping to bring the blessing of pure water to folks in rural villages in Guatemala. If you have the desire to be part of the blessing, please contact Water for Life. We have a place for you.brake-repair-truck

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