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Baggage Check- No Check

As I was preparing to go to Guatemala this Past October, I purchased an Airless sprayer to use to paint the campus buildings. It cost about 800.00 for the sprayer. When I received it, I packed it into an old hard sided Samsonite suitcase. The total weight was 65 lbs, 50 was the limit. I resigned myself to paying the overweight charges, but I was satisfied that it would make the trip in the tough old case.

When my wife looked at it in the case she said it looked like a nuclear bomb.
I looked again and saw the motor pipes and the hoses tubes and tried to see it as one who was unfamiliar with it. She was right. I began to share her concern.

To assuage my anxiety I went to the internet to read all I could about baggage contents. While I could find no specific prohibition, it became apparent the anything that cause concern could be termed hazardous and removed by the TSA and denied shipment
I was able to determine that the bags could be checked and cleared in Spokane direct to Guatemala City. If there was a problem, it would be here and not at Los Angles at the connection. At least that way I could not lose the sprayer. I realized that there was no way I could be certain of safe passage and would have to just trust the Good Lord on this.

We left on Oct 24.With no apparent problems the connection win LAX was tight we had about 10 minutes to spare waiting to the gate to aboard the Guatemala bound fight. The overnight flight from LA to Guatemala city was 4.5 hours—too long for my old bones. The flight was crowded so not much sleep; I read a Louis Lamoure book to pass the hours.

When we arrived in Guatemala City at 4:15 am, the luggage was all there. I could tell by the weight of the old bag that the sprayer was still there. Upon arrival at Los Pinos, we opened the bags. Each bag had a TSA inspection notice except the big Samsonite with the sprayer. Apparently it had not been opened at all. We know that our Lord can make blind eyes see, but perhaps in this case he made seeing eyes blind.

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