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Shine 104.9 Radio continues to lend much-appreciated assistance to the efforts to bring drinkable and healthy fresh clean water to the villages in Guatamala. Thanks Shine 104.9 - KEEH!

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During this past drilling season, we had planned to take one of the rigs from Guatemala to the International Children’s Care orphanage in El Salvador. They have had a water supply problem there for about 5 years. There are wells on the campus, but all have had problems of one sort or another and for a long time the campus has depended on the last well. There are about 100 children there who have no other place to go. While they have been waiting for us to help them, we have encountered one problem after another such that we have never been able to take one of our rigs into El Salvador. Then Steve came.

Steve Marstaller is a welder and mechanic from Fredrick Md. He and several members of his church have traveled to El Salvador for the past several years to work on projects on that campus. Over the years, Steve had seen the old rig sitting off in the weeds on the campus rusting away. The rig had been part of a well drilling project which involved 5 rigs and was run by the government. The project ended about 12 years ago and the campus was given the best of the remaining rigs. The rig was used to drill wells there and then left to rust. Parts had been cannibalized for other trucks and the engine had not been protected from the moisture. The engine was seized and useless.

In January of 2008, Steve had been impressed to look at the rig and try to find out what was needed to get it running. He looked it over and made a list of things that probably needed to be replaced. When he got home, he went to a friend and asked about the availability of parts for the Perkins 4 cyl diesel engine. He was encouraged to learn that there was no problem with any parts he might need. He went home and prayed and felt impressed to spend $3000 dollars and order the parts. In May of 2008, he and a friend went back to El Salvador and totally rebuilt the engine. It runs just fine and they were able to lift the derrick. We will not have to import a rig to fix the wells there!

Steve is gathering tools and drilling supplies and intends to ship a container this fall in support of the drilling effort there. Bucky Mowery of Ohio is committed to drill there in January and with the blessings of the Good Lord, we will have a rig up and running for him to use.

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